Monday, October 03, 2005

Chick Carbo - What Does It Take (Instant 3254)

What Does It Take

This record, the B side of "Two Tables Away", is just about as good as it gets... a 1962 Allen Toussaint gem from da front to da back! The gospel tinged production, the piano, the lyrics ("..I'd even suffer a little while for you, baby!") are all amazing. Chick Carbo's smooth vocals, Nat Perrilliat's tasty saxophone, the incredible rhythm guitar of Roy Montrell... man! By the instrumental break in the middle of the tune, the combo is just locked in, and carryin' it home!

Leonard "Chick" Carbo was, along with his brother Chuck, a founding member of the great New Orleans vocal group the Spiders (pictured at right). Unlike Chuck however (who went on to create proto-funk grooves like "Can I Be Your Squeeze" alongside classic Mardi Gras "Second-Lines" well into the 90s), Chick's recorded output apparently ended here. Despite years of searching, I've been unable to unearth much more information about this golden-throated baritone, except for the fact that he died in 1998.

May his music live on forever!


Anonymous Anonymous said...

hi red,

yes, i saw your update, thanks.
i had recorded it before on my MD though.

this carbo track is cool, too.
but it doesn't kill your first post.
cheers, anna

2:11 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

interesting concept for a blog. i look forward to exploring more. and this track rox.

4:00 AM  

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