Tuesday, June 06, 2006

Billy Preston - He Brought Me Out (Myrrh 189)

He Brought Me Out

As you may have heard, Billy Preston died this morning at age 59.

If you've been around here awhile, you know how much we loved this man. (If you haven't, please check out the in-depth appreciation we posted last February.)

Although he will always be remembered for his work with everyone from Little Richard to Sam Cooke, Sly Stone, Ray Charles, The Beatles and The Rolling Stones, it is important to keep in mind, especially now, that his true home was in Gospel Music. If ever there was an artist who carried the joy of God within him, it was Billy.

He gave that joy to everyone he touched.

Today's B side was recorded in 1978, the same year Hollywood had him cast as Sgt. Pepper.

This man was deep.

That's the way God planned it.

Funeral Arrangements for William Everett Preston:

Musical Tribute – Monday June 19th: 7pm

Faithful Central Bible Church
321 West Florence Ave.
Inglewood, CA

Memorial Service - Tuesday, June 20th: 1pm
Faithful Central Bible Church


Blogger TravelingMermaid said...

I hope you don't mind that I helped myself to your image of this 45. Along with a post about your blog, of course!
Great tribute to Billy you have here!

11:46 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hi Redkelly,

I still need to have listen but I just read again your post in February. Very good and informative. RIP, Billy.

I'm kinda late on this one but I just could't make a comment in the blog-world for some days:
Any chances you could put up Eddie Bo - Now Let's Popeye Part 1 (A-side) at your other blog ("A side")?
If not - no problem.
I'm digging Part 2. Great Bo stuff.



1:17 PM  
Blogger Good Life Film said...

The Music of Billy Preston has brought me back into Light of God.
"God IS all good & I know Billy was right". Praise God.

1:40 PM  

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