Thursday, December 01, 2011

J. Blackfoot - Hiding Place (Sound Town 15)

Hiding Place

I first met 'Foot' in 2007, when he stopped in at the studio to see Willie Mitchell the day before the Soul Children reunion at the 50 Years of Stax concert in Memphis. With his ebullient personality and infectious smile, he soon had all of us in stitches as he poked fun at Pop and just about everyone else he could think of. He was just kind of larger than life, if you know what I mean, and it was a moment I will never forget. That 'Star Quality' shone through his set with the Soul Children the next day, but I don't think I fully appreciated what an incredible singer he was until he positively channeled O.V. Wright at Willie's Memorial Celebration a few years later...

I know I included most of this in the video I put up back then, but it was honestly one of the greatest 'Deep Soul' performances I have ever witnessed. When Percy Wiggins told me in October that 'Foot was suffering with cancer, it just kind of knocked me down. He was so full of life.

Rest In Peace, Soul Man.


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from Bob Killen
I am looking for the Man who gave credit where credit was due to a little writer, on Don't Lose Your Good thing by Etta James.
You are a good man.
Wanted you to know that there is a new release Nov 15 The Fame Story 19611973 by Ace I am proud to say I have 2 cuts, Disc 2 # 11 Don't lose your Good thing by the Blues Busters, with Proper writer credits, Bob Killen, Spooner Oldham, Rick Hall,and Disc 2 Gonna Make You say Yeah By Terry Woodford, ie Commodores and Supremes Wishbone Studios Motown South MSA. Sadly I you will see my name appears on the photo of the 45 single but not on writers credits. both now owned by EMI (last i believe to be error when EMI brough 1000's of song published from Fame. Love to see what you think..
Lots of unheard cuts by so many deserving people up and down the chain.

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