Monday, December 14, 2015

J. Hines and The Boys - A Funky Xmas To You (Nation-Wide 101)

A Funky Xmas To You

The focus of Soul Detective's Case Three, our investigation into the life and times of J. Hines has been one of our most rewarding and comprehensive.

Long the partner and collaborator of Roy C. Hammond, J. Hines and his guitar have left an indelible stamp on Southern Soul, and his influence on the music can still be heard today. It was my good fortune to have visited Allendale, South Carolina several times during the course of our inquiry, and to have made the acquaintance of Roy, Benny Gordon and his family, and J.'s marvelous wife, Ann. One of the most soulful places on the planet, I will never forget the moonlit night that Ann took me out to visit Hines' (who had passed away in 2004) as yet unmarked grave. This man was deep, folks, and by all accounts one of the kindest and gentlest human beings that ever walked this earth.

Although we knew of this record's existence, back in 2008 I said "I have never even heard of an existing vinyl copy." Well now, as you can see, all that's changed. I came across this one on eBay a short time back. Released as an alternate holiday B side of Funky Funk Part 1 (Nation-Wide 100), I can't imagine there were too many of these pressed at the time. That's Roy on the vocals, and J. Hines on that rockin' guitar...

"Down the chimney came a big black Santa Claus with a funk sack on his back, singin' there ain't nothin' like a Funky Christmas!"

No, there sure ain't! I hope Santa treats you good!



Blogger Private Beach said...

Whenever The B-Side poops up in my RSS feed, my first thought is usually "Oh @#$%, who's died now?"! Happily nobody this time. Anyway, I wish you and your family a Happy Christmas, and many thanks for all the great music you bring us.

When your blog introduces me to a singer I'm unfamiliar with, I usually seek out other music by them. In the process this time, I came across "Tear Jerker" by J. Blackfoot, featuring Ann Hines. Would that be the same Ann Hines?

9:13 PM  
Blogger Red Kelly said...

" Would that be the same Ann Hines?" - as J.'s wife? No.

Blackfoot's Ann Hines would be "Queen Ann Hines", the kick-ass R&B ruler of Beale Street in Memphis...

A Happy Christmas to you and yours, too, Beach - Thanks!

10:47 PM  
Anonymous Monty said...

A funky xmas to you...YEAH!

10:15 AM  

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